Multi-dimensional alignment between online instruction and course technology: A learner-centered perspective


This study examines the alignment between online instruction and course technology.

Instruction-technology fit is a formative construct comprising multiple dimensions.

Student satisfaction depends on online instruction, course technology and their fit.
Compared with face-to-face instruction, online instruction in distance and hybrid education relies on the extensive use of course technology. Course technology supports multiple aspects of online instruction including objective specification, material organization, engagement facilitation, and outcome assessment. This study looks into different dimensions underlying the alignment between online instruction and course technology, and investigates the direct and indirect effects of involved constructs on student satisfaction as the outcome variable. The empirical evidence from a survey supports most research hypotheses, and suggests that instruction-technology fit is a partial mediator for online instruction and a full mediator for course technology in terms of their relationships with student satisfaction. Whereas all alignment dimensions but assessment fit are significant, engagement fit calls for closer attention than objective fit and material fit. That is, course technology has great potentials as well as a big space for improvement to facilitate the student engagement aspect of online instruction. From a learner-centered perspective, the findings offer researchers and practitioners helpful insights on how to utilize all kinds of e-learning tools for student success.

Distance learning; Course technology; Online instruction; Instruction-technology fit; Student satisfaction

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